For Lab and Process applications. Weight fraction at the touch of a button.

PA Rhometer measures the density, weight and volume fractions of dispersions. The device uses the oscillating tube technology: it measures the vibration frequency difference between pure solvent and dispersion. It features an integrated microcontroller which computes all of the data onboard. It can feed it directly into PA Field ESA and/or PA Fast Sizer, thus enabling online and batch measurements of processes and samples with unknown or changing particle concentration. Alternatively, the device can be used as a stand-alone unit and the information is exported into an Excel sheet. The device features a sturdy design, suitable for both lab and industrial applications. All surfaces which come in contact with the sample are glass, Teflon or POM and all connectors are made of stainless steel. It can be used as a flow-through unit or fed manually. The user-friendly software and easy to follow SOPs do not require highly trained personnel and ensure reproducible results.


  • Results within seconds
  • Small sample volume requirements ( 15 ml )
  • Flow-through and batch operation
  • Integrated microcontroller - no PC cards are needed
  • Direct feed of the results into Field ESA and PA Fast Sizer 100
  • Robust design and high chemical resistivity.
  • Specific sample preparation not necessary


  • Highly efficient product development through work at production concentration
  • Improvement in receipt stability
  • On- and off-line quality analysis and quality control
  • Application field:
◊ Ceramics ◊ Pharmaceuticals
◊ Paint and inks ◊ Wet milling/grinding
◊ Coal slurries ◊ Homogenization control
◊ Semiconductors ◊ Catalyst and Zeolites
◊ Pigments ◊ Polishing compounds
◊ Food colloids ◊ Nano-dispersion
◊ Clay minerals ◊ Carbon materials
◊ Bio-colloids ◊ Paper coating

Technical Parameters

Measured Parameters Lower Limit Upper Limit
Density 0.5 g/cm³ 1.999 g/cm³
Reproducibility 0.0002 g/cm³ -
Accuracy 0.0001 g/cm³ -
Sample characteristic
Volume 15 ml -
Density difference 0.2 g/cm³ -
Particle concentration 0.5 % v/v* 70 % v/v*
SolventAqueous and non-aqueous solvents -
Measurement Paramaeters
Time per single measurement 2 s -

* - Depends on the nature of the material and the density difference particle/solvent