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    Analoge Elektronik Komponenten

    Module für Ihre eigenen Projekte.

    Broadband Voltage Amplifier PA-V Series

    The PA-V series are ultralow noise and distortion, broadband and low impedance amplifiers. The frequency range can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

    The gain is switchable by a 3-position switch (20/40/60 dB), which can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

    The PA-V series features a highly linear, low noise input stage that increases the full power bandwidth at accuracy gains with high slew rates and with relatively low power.

    The PA-V series also features an extremely high slew rate of 1350 V/µs, using the entire dynamic range without trading off bandwidth or distortion.

    The PA-V series settles to 0.1% in 18 ns and recovers from overdrive in 50 ns.

    The PA-V drives 100 O loads at breakthrough performance levels with only 60 mA of supply current.

    The PA-V is designed to work in a wide variety of applications like Pre-amplifiers, Receivers, Instrumentations, Filters, IF and baseband amplifiers, A-to-D drivers, DAC buffers, Optical electronics.

    Switchable gain:20 / 40 / 60 dB (can be adjusted on customer request)
    Frequency range (-3dB BW):310 Hz to 185 MHz (can be adjusted on customer request)
    Input impedance:50 Ω
    Input voltage range:70 µVRMS – 1 mVRMS @ 50 Ω impedance
    Input offset range:500 µV max.
    Integrated input noise:17 µVRMS
    Output impedance:50 Ω
    Output voltage:2.8 Vpp @ 50 Ω load (for linear amplification)
    Output noise:
    0.17 mVRMS @ 20 dB
    1.75 mVRMS @ 40 dB
    17.8 mVRMS @ 60 dB
    Output current:
    48 mA @ 50 Ω load
    130 mA max. (Short-circuit current)
    Slew rate:1350 V/µs
    Settling time to 0.1%:18 ns
    Power Supply:± 5 V / ± 100 mA
    Binder Series 680, male socket, 6-pin
    Pin 1 & 2: -5V
    Pin 4 & 5: +5V
    Pin 3 & 6: GND
    Dimensions:80 x 150 x 50 mm
    Weight:310 g
    Operating Temperature:0...+ 60 °C
    Connectors:2 x BNC (Input / Output), 1x DC-Plug (Power Supply)